Charcoal (4kg)

Our charcoal is a great choice for making a fire. It is of the highest quality, designed to burn hotter and longer than most other charcoal. 

Briquette (4kg)

Our Briquette is the perfect fuel for making a fire. With our Briquette, you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality fire starter. 

Fire Lighters

Our Fire Lighters are the perfect solution for getting your fire started quickly and easily.  A reliable and long-lasting product. 


Constructed from quality namibian hardwood, our wood will give you the most efficient heat production, meaning your fire can last longer.


For The Perfect Braai Experience

Wildfire Charcoal is a rapidly growing supplier of high quality charcoal and briquettes.

Wildfire Charcoal was Formed By 3 Directors In October 2014, An idea which was sparked and is Now Spreading Like a Wild Fire. Our Biggest aim is to only supply the absolute Best Quality Charcoal and Briquettes to our customers.

Our Charcoal is Imported from Namibia, Which means only the best for the manufacturing of the Charcoal and Briquettes.

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